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Women Of The Bible Devotional Paper Back

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Being a good wife, mother, sister, daughter or friend isn’t always easy. With life’s ups and downs, it can become a struggle to be the woman you want to be for those around you.
Fortunately, you’re not alone in this struggle. Women of the Bible focuses on 52 remarkable women in Scripture whose struggles to live with faith and courage are not unlike our own.
Each week of this devotional study dives into the life of one of these 52 biblical women, offering:
• An inspirational portrait of her life story (Monday).
• Background information about the culture of her day (Tuesday).
• A short Bible study on her life and how it applies to your own (Wednesday).
• The Bible promises that apply to her life and yours (Thursday).
• Her legacy of prayer (Friday).

Other special features in Women of the Bible include:
• A theme index.
• A list and timeline of all the women of the Bible.
• A list of women in Jesus's family tree.
• A list of women in Jesus's life and ministry.

Perfect for personal prayer and Bible study or for use in small groups, Women of the Bible offers a new perspective that will strengthen your personal relationship with God and give you a deeper appreciation for the women of faith who have come before us.