Mothers Day 12th May 2024

Week by Week Pregnancy Prayer Guide

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Receive this guide as a hug from my mom heart to yours.
I have been pregnant three times and with each pregnancy, I have prayed every single day until the babies were born.
it’s important to me that I show moms how to do it. I like to rub oil on my belly while I do this. I would pray twice a day for my child and pregnancy specifically. Declare what you want to see through your pregnancy, for your baby, for yourself, for your delivery.
anything you want, God is ready to listen.
declare scripture. Pray intentionally, pray at all times.

For the moms who are doing this after a loss, I pray that God will restore. May He turn your tears into joy and your mourning into dancing. He is more than able. Hold onto Him.

I love you and I am rooting for you.