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Ruby's Business Planning Tool

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Are you a small business owner? Are you looking to start a business? 

A business plan is the first step to start to get a clear understanding of your business. After a few years in business, having a business plan helped me a great deal to get clarity about what my business is really about, why I am doing it, how and everything in between. 

This tool will surely help you as well.

It contains:

- A business plan template that will guide you to create your own business plan

- A business plan sample that will give you a picture of what it will eventually look like

- Sample financial statements. A business must be profitable and so you need to have a constant eye on what your numbers are communicating.

These documents ARE NOT TO BE SHARED. If you feel someone needs these, please recommend for them to order their own.

Once you order, the documents will be delivered to your email (please include your email address when placing the order). You will also be able to download it right from the website immediately after purchase is made.