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Teaching kids to love...

Posted by Diana Ainebyoona on

We have been talking about the subject of LOVE and 1 Corinthians 13 tells us quite clearly what love is. In a world that is throwing so much information at our kids, kids are so busy with many programs and activities, how can we ensure that we are building their character to be loving to all people?

I will share a few thoughts.

  1. Set an example. This is as old as it gets. If our children can witness us being loving towards those in our homes as well as out of our homes they will most likely behave the same. If they see us being mean and hateful, chances are high that they too will be the same. We can not expect our children to be something that we are not. I see a lot of my mum in myself now. These are not things that I was taught but things I simply saw and now I naturally do. Your kids will most likely behave in the way they see you behave and not as you tell them to. Set the right example for them to follow.
  2. Correct them when they have been unloving. My kids are in a fighting season ( I hope it won’t last long) and will often say or do something unkind to the other. When this happens I will tell them that what they did was unkind and to apologise for it and do right the next time. We can not expect our children to know the right way to behave and rather than get upset we ought to continually correct them and show them the right way to treat people. It is a slow learning process but one we must do.
  3. Do not tire. Proverbs 22:6 says Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it. Keep telling and showing your children how they can be loving; even when they seem not to get it and continue to do wrong, keep going. What you are teaching is not in vain and one day when they are older, these lessons which they learnt as children will come to life and you will be pleased. Do not be discouraged by seemingly difficult children. They are simply growing and they will TURN OUT GREAT! Let us do our role as parents and trust God for the results.

I hope this encourages a parent out there. If you found this helpful, please share in the comments below.


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