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One Word for 2022

Posted by Diana Ainebyoona on

Since last year, thanks to the Prosper Planner, I began to select a Word for the Year by which to live by. This word is something that resonates with my goals, vision and attitude I want to carry for the year. Last year, my word was SOAK and it really guided me and set me back on course everytime I went off course. My goal was to soak in God’s word and prayer and thanks be to God I did much better than I had the previous year. This year, my word is SURRENDER. I am committed to surrendering every aspect of my life to God and stop fighting to control my life but leave it up to God. This is my mission.

How do you choose a word for the year?

  1. Take stock of the previous year and evaluate what went well and what did not, how you handled situations and relationships, mistakes made and how they could have been handled better. Take an analysis of that information and think about what you would like to focus on this year to be better.
  2. Ask God. God is your Father, Friend and Creator. He knows the number of your days and has your future already laid out for you. Speak to Him and ask Him what He would like for you to focus on for the new year, having looked at how the previous year went and how you would like the new year to unfold.
  3. Be open and willing to anything. Place no limits on God and on yourself. Be completely open to anything and when you feel strongly about a specific word, write it down somewhere that you will be able to see it often so that you are continuously reminded of it.
  4. Take courage. If the days keep going by and your word for the year is not coming through, do not lose hope. Keep seeking God, He will answer and He will show you. Do not be in a hurry to just pick on any word that comes up. Trust God to show up.

Do you already have a word for the year? Share it in the Comments below.


  • Amen…scared is ok. You sre not alone. May God see you through the transition

    Diana Kagimba on

  • Rebirth. 2Cor 5:17. why? because God is okay with me starting over. it’s a season of being reconciled with God and i know this because i have realized i am in a Transition. I am scared, very scared but moment by moment, I remind myself of whose I am and this comforts me. For He who has reconciled me to himself will cause me to will and to do that which pleases him.

    Karen Bainomugisa on

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