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Keep Christ in Christmas

Posted by Diana Ainebyoona on

Christmas 2021 is in exactly 15 days. You are either feeling excited or unbothered but whatever the case, Christmas is one season that does not go unnoticed regardless of your feeling around it.

Over the last few days, the Lord has been speaking to me one thing over and over again…Not to forget what Christmas is all about. Not to get caught up in buying gifts, eating, going on vacations, throwing and attending parties and forgetting the reason for the season. Every day I wake up, I have to remind myself to slow down and reflect on why Christmas is such a BIG DEAL.

On a day just like any other, the King of Kings, the Prince of Peace, the Saviour of the World, my Saviour, your Saviour, was born. A day like any other and yet a day like no other. On that day, Jesus came into the world as a human baby, to come and identify with us and live a pure and blameless life. He would then finally die, carrying the burden of all my sin so that I would not have to face eternal death. This is the very purpose for which we were born.

This is what we are celebrating. A Saviour was born. I pray that we would not forget and not get carried away with all the celebrations. Everyday God is speaking to me about this and I am humbling myself to listen to Him and obey because I do not want to miss what He is saying and doing in this holy season. Christmas is a season to celebrate the birth of the Messiah. A season to show gratitude to Him and worship Him.

What can we do to keep our eyes on Christ this season?

  1. Keep in prayer. This is the time to speak to God and listen to Him. If you are on leave from work, perhaps you can now spend even more time in prayer.
  2. Read your bible. Maybe you could find a devotion that is focused on the birth of Christ and study that.
  3. Fill your home with worship music. Play and sing along to music that will minister to your heart and tune your mind and thoughts to Jesus.
  4. Talk about Jesus with others. Whether with fellow believers or with non-believers, have conversations about Jesus.

Jesus is the reason for the season. Do not miss Him. Have you committed your life to Jesus? I pray that as you practice these four things you will begin to make a way for Him to come in.



  • So so true. The Who and Why. May we daily remember this…

    Diana on

  • Amen! Well, put. He is Immanuel, God WITH us. This season is special because of Who and Why. The Who is Jesus, the Why is to bring peace between God and man.

    Patricia on

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