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It’s the end of QUARTER 1 2022. Now what...?

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You probably started the year 2022 with high hopes and dreams of what you will get done. Or maybe after the COVID 19 pandemic you are not too quick to make big plans. Either way, maybe things are going as you expected or maybe not. Whatever the case, time moves on and so must we. So now what…

  1. Rejoice always (Philippians 4:4). The word of God tells us to be joyful. If things are going well, enjoy the moment. If they are not, find something to be grateful for, there always is one thing. As human beings we tend to live in either the past (good old days) or the future (the best is yet to come) but today choose to celebrate where you are, good or bad.
  2. Do not give up (2 Chronicles 15:7). If things are going well, they can surely get better. Do not be too quick to settle for good yet you can have great. If things are not working out as you hoped, do not lose hope, things can get better. Commit your plans to God and trust Him that in due time your dreams will come true (Proverbs 16:9). Many times we give up too quickly yet all that we needed to do was persevere a little longer.
  3. Learn from what has happened. No experience is wasted even though it might seem so at the time, it never is. Have you made some mistakes? Have you had some wins? Learn from them. Take a look at what has been happening over these first three months of the year and begin to ask yourself what God could be speaking to you about, what He could be teaching you. We serve an intentional God and He will use our experiences for our good, for the good of others and for Kingdom purposes.
  4. Make a date with yourself. Take yourself out for a meal or just coffee and have a chat with yourself. With your journal in hand, go over the first quarter. Give thanks, forgive, write your lessons and then plan for the months ahead. Please take Jesus along too, He desires to be part of it.

Have any of these tips been helpful? Let us know in the comments below.

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