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Happy New Month - December

Posted by Diana Ainebyoona on

Does it feel like 2021 went by so fast? I seem to feel this way every single year. One minute it’s January and we are off to a fresh start, before you know it is August and boom December and we are preparing for Christmas!!!

So December is here and either you are feeling excited for Christmas or you are feeling a bit discouraged that maybe the year did not turn out as great as you had hoped.

Here are some thoughts…

  1. Take out your journal and reflect on the whole year. Do not do this all at once but each day throughout the month of December, take a few minutes to reflect and write down a few things that you are grateful for that happened this year. Every year I do this at the back of my journal. This helps me to see the many miracles that God has done throughout the year that helps me to be grateful and encouraged for the next year.
  2. Forgive yourself for what went wrong. Carrying the guilt of what has happened does not help anyone and is not even a healthy way to live. Whatever plans you set out to do but did not accomplish, whatever projects you abandoned midway, the things you never even got started on, do not go around carrying the load of what has already gone. Let it go and make plans for the future to do better.
  3. Begin to think and pray about what you would like your next year to look like. Praying about it is really important. You do not want to make your own plans but you want to let God guide you on what He wants you to do. We have the Holy Spirit as our helper and guide. Do not struggle to figure out life on your own when you have a helper that is ready and willing to help you. This is something that I have very intentionally started doing and God has already began to speak to me about what my 2022 will look like.

Will you join me in doing these three things? Let’s end 2021 well and start 2022 well too, with God as our helper.


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