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God speaks your love language By A. K. Otiti

Posted by Diana Ainebyoona on

Christmas is the story of love. It is the wonderful realisation that God communicates love to us in ways we get it.

If you value quality time and crave for hours of face to face, heart to heart encounters, God feels you. That’s why Jesus is Emmanuel, God with us, dwelling amongst us, being present with us ALL THE TIME. In Jesus God gives us the gift of presence, all we have to do is remain in Him, quantity and quality time, all taken care of. Who could ever beat that?

If you long to hear words that affirm you and encourage you, God comes down at Christmas and whispers ‘Peace be Still, Do not be afraid! I bring you good tidings of great joy.  Shepherd or King, He invites you to encounter the miracle of His Son’s birth, his gift to the world. In giving us Jesus He says to you, “I value you, you as you, you can be all I ever meant you to be because now we have a relationship”.

If you are one who values a little help sometimes and understands love from what is done for you, God knows your need. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. He loved us, He gave us His son, gave us eternal life. You don’t have to DIY anymore, in giving us Jesus He accomplished it all for you. He paid the price for your salvation, No more works, just believe.   

Gifts are precious. Someone has thought about you and expressed love to you by giving you a gift. How much more precious it is when the gift is valuable and exactly what you need. He gave His only begotten Son to us, not just his surplus, not what he didn’t need or value. God gave us His most precious possession, his only Son because we needed salvation, because He longed to reconcile us to Himself. There could not possibly be a more valuable gift.

Touch – In that one act of sending Jesus to be born among us, God touched us all. The baby born to Mary was God become man. No longer a spirit we cannot reach, but one among us, feeling what we feel, tempted like we are. And in Him we feel God hug us, we feel Him understand us, know us deeply. We feel His loving hand reach out to touch us and draw us to Himself in a warm embrace. 

Thank you God for speaking my love language!  I am heard, I am spoken for, I am affirmed, I am touched, I am seen and I am loved.  Through the gift of your Son Jesus you communicated love.

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  • An excellently written piece! A reassurance message about the love of God.

    Moses OPONDO on

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