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Posted by Diana Ainebyoona on

Last weekend I had a relative’s function to attend upcountry and I contemplated on whether or not to go because I have two young children and the live-in househelp that I had for 5 years left suddenly two weeks ago. Being a close relative, I felt that I needed to work out a way to attend this function. I had a chat with my husband and eventually we agreed that he stay behind with the kids and I would go. This meant that it would be just him and the kids ALONE. Scary if you ask me. I began to think, “Would he remember to give them snacks at the right time? Would they not get too hungry? Might he forget to watch them closely and they have a bad fall? Will one wake up in the night and cry and he fail to hear? Would they refuse to have their breakfast on Sunday morning and go to church starving?”

After making the decision to go I decided to stop thinking too much into the details and instead choose to trust God for the weekend that lay ahead. As a mom we tend to worry about our kids and think others will not manage our children as best as we can (including their own dads) and that if we are not there, things will go totally wrong. Guess what! Nothing went wrong, they were just fine and their dad handled them perfectly (ok there was one or two avoidable circumstances but they learnt from them…I will spare you the details). They went out for their Saturday church activity, visited a friend, came home and had their dinner (which they thought had been prepared by Daddy and promised him to let Mummy know that he had cooked so well), slept and made it to church on time the next morning. I held myself back from calling them a lot (and I really used all my might to do this) but I did ask for a few pictures.

I learnt somethings about myself that I realized need to change.

  • I want to be in control but I need to remember God is the one that is ultimately in control.
  • I want to protect my family but God is really the one that protects.
  • I worry about what goes on when I am away but God says I should not worry about anything and rather trust him
  • I will sometimes imagine the worst but God says to think only on those things that are life giving.
  • I fear that something bad could happen but God says that he has not given me a spirit of fear.

What do you need to loosen control over this week? Your kids, spouse, your home, your business/work? You are not the Alpha and Omega of these things and they should not hold you in bondage because you feel that things will not happen in your absence. Free yourself!!!


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