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6 lessons from Matthew 6

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This week, let’s take six lessons from Matthew 6. This is a life changing chapter (like all of scripture) in which God desires to change the way that we do things. The ways of God are so different from the ways of man, but God always knows best and desires that we will live our very best. Let’s dive in.

  1. When you do good, do it in secret. V1a

It is so tempting to want others to see our good deeds and applaud us. When our good goes unnoticed we can even go so far to let others know how much we sacrificed and helped another so that we can be appreciated. This is not the way the bible teaches us to act. Rather than this, we ought to do our good deeds to please God and appreciate Him and not to be seen by men.

  1. Do not expect a reward from God when you do your good works to be seen by others. V1b

No doubt God’s rewards cannot be compared to what man can give us. To miss out on God’s reward because we desire to receive the reward from men is to make a grave mistake. If there were no other motivation, this one is surely enough.

  1. Do not expect God to forgive you when you are unwilling to forgive others. V14-15

Every day we sin and every day God forgives us. When a friend sins, we tend to carry the offence of the sin and are unwilling to forgive. Jesus paid the price of our sin once and for all. This should be our motivation to always forgive any wrong done to us. So help us God.

  1. No one needs to know when you give and how much you give. V2-3

When God blesses us with material resources that another might need, our goal should be to give generously for anything we have, we too have also received. It is very tempting to go boasting about how generous we are and even rub it into the face of those we have given, holding them at our mercy. When you give, NO BODY NEEDS TO KNOW.

  1. Do not worry about what you will eat or drink or wear. V25

Worry demonstrates a lack of trust in God and a deep fear in our lives. When you are down to your last money it is difficult not to worry. However, we ought to put our full confidence and trust in God to take care of our daily needs because He is more than able.

  1. Prioritize God’s agenda and He will take care of your physical needs. V33

God’s will is always perfect. God’s will is more than what we can comprehend that goes beyond what we are able to see. We need to trust that what God says in His word is true. Even when it does not make any sense at all, we ought to obey what God asks us to do and leave the rest to Him, trusting that He will surely take care of each of our needs.

Which of these lessons from Matthew 6 will you live by from today?


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