Mamma Bear Berry-Pink Camp Style (Stainless Steel Mug With Handle

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The berry-pink Mama Bear Stainless Steel Camp Style Mug with its matte finish and laser engraved design tells it like it is. When a woman enters motherhood, protective qualities instinctively develop that will put your average bear to shame. This mug sends the message that your cub matters - a lot.

The pink mug features the laser-engraved words

The Mama Bear Stainless Steel Camp Style Mug is ideal for any mother who is passionate about her children. This adorable mug with its cautionary message will be loved by mothers who take the job of mothering seriously - whether she has to advocate for her child or just likes to keep the cubs in line. Surprise and encourage a friend, sister, or daughter with the Mama Bear Stainless Steel Camp Style Mug.