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Today I'm Grateful For Peach Poppy Ceramic Gratitude Jar with Cards

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Use the Today I'm Grateful For Peach Poppy Ceramic Gratitude Jar as a deconstructed gratitude journal for the whole family. Simply fill out the included cards and pop them in the jar to create a time capsule of gratitude all year long.

For your convenience, 365 cards decorated with the same peach poppy motif are included in the purchase of the jar. Each card features one of 12 Scripture verses that relate to gratitude on the front and several lines superimposed on a watermarked poppy design and a prompt on the back. The first verse on the cards is taken from the Psalms.


Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. 
 Psalm 107:1


Encourage your family members to note their prayers, thank-you's, and blessings on a card and add it to the jar. Then cover the jar with the tightfitting bamboo lid and wait for a special day to open it and discover just how faithful God has been to your family. Refill card packs are available, so you never have to stop recording your blessings.